Monday, July 26, 2021

Host a small group science workshop using just a “little book”

Who doesn’t want to be a good steward of our planet and its resources? Who doesn’t want to ensure a safe, livable, and sustainable environment for our children, grandchildren, and future generations?

Not everyone has the time, interest, or inclination to invest lots of time doing a deep dive to study climate science. But most of us can probably invest an hour to hear and learn about the basics. Doing so could help more of us then understand the basics so that we can better trust those who have committed their careers to scientific processes and discovery. Otherwise, we will have too much brain-power sitting on the sidelines.

Earlier in July, about 10 volunteers came together for a “Friendly Climate Science Workshop” workshop. The main content of the workshop consisted of each of us taking turns reading out loud one chapter of the 10 chapters of the “Littlest Book on Climate – 10 Facts in 10 Minutes about CO2” (free e-version download available here - Because each chapter only takes about 2-3 minutes to read out loud, this took about 30 minutes. We then discussed questions about the contents. And finally, we discussed ways to refine the process so that it could be repeated by others.

With a special thanks to all the participants from our July workshop, we have developed the following documents to help others hold their own little one-hour workshops to help further constructive adult education and conversations on this important topic. Using these two documents, interested persons should be able to host sessions with about 5-15 people. After each session, we encourage participants to complete a short online survey (the link is included in the handout) so that we can provide additional feedback to the little book authors.

The documents are available here:
  1. Friendly Climate Science Workshop
  2. Friendly Climate Science Workshop-Handout
Please let us know if you have questions or need assistance by using the comment section below. And freely share this information with others! Let’s keep the constructive conversations going!

Shine On!
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