Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Solar Ready Homes in Texas - Getting on the Radar!

Small steps can begin to make a BIG difference!

Back in July of this year, we had a blog posting titled, "Build Solar Ready Homes in Solar Rich Texas".  The objective was to recommend that local jurisdictions (and Texas at the state level) consider adopting residential building codes that require new homes to be designed and built "solar ready". 

Recently, the Texas A&M Energy Systems Lab (ESL) completed their mandated technical review and recommendations of the 2015 IECC and IRC energy codes for the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO).   Their letter of recommendation included a review and summary of the comments that SECO received regarding the 2015 codes.  (See section labeled "Comments in Favor of the Adoption of the 2015 IRC Appendix U: Solar-Ready Residences".) While "solar ready" provisions were not specifically recommended by ESL, it was great to see in this summary report that "solar ready" provisions are finally getting some visibility.  

Small steps can lead to BIGGER steps!  Let's keep promoting residential rooftop solar PV in Plano and all across Solar Rich Texas!

Shine On!
Plano Solar Advocates (LH)


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