Friday, July 12, 2013

Does Georgia have more solar resources than Texas?

Does Georgia have more solar resources than Texas?  Are Georgia officials going to outshine Texas solar resources?  Let's make sure that in Texas we are good stewards of our natural energy resources and do more to add solar energy into our electricity mix.
Tapping our untapped natural energy resource in Texas is a bipartisan opportunity. In Georgia, it appears they are taking steps to take advantage of this opportunity. Check out these recent articles, and then contact your Texas state legislators and Public Utility Commissioners and ask for their support for a vision for today and for our future generations that includes a strong contribution of distributed solar energy for electricity generation in Texas!  Like prudent financial diversification, energy source diversification is important, and the competition provided by consumers being able to generate some of their own electricity helps keep electric utilities competitive - maybe something they are not used to, but should be!
  • see the last paragraph - “I don’t know what gas prices will be in six years. But I know the sun will come up, and it’s free. It’s not owned by Georgia Power, it’s not owned by Bubba McDonald, it’s not owned by the Public Service Commission,” McDonald said. “It’s free. And to deprive people of the opportunity to take advantage of technology, to me, is wrong.”
  • see the section about water - Solar PV uses less water than any other energy resource.
  • like "local" food initiatives, let's make sure Texas leverages "local" energy resources - distributed PV solar generation on people's homes and businesses takes advantage of local energy resources and reduces stresses and losses on our electric grid!
  • The Georgia PSC voted in favor of adding 525 megawatts of solar energy to Georgia Power’s 20-year resources plan during an afternoon meeting. Of that new solar generation, 125 megawatts will be reserved for smaller projects.

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