Friday, May 31, 2013

Generate Your Own Electricity, Group Solar Purchase!

Are you ready to generate some or all of the electricity you need right at home? 

Are you ready to go solar, but not sure where to start? 

Are you ready to tap that untapped local energy resource – the SUN?

Then signup to participate in our PV solar group bulk purchase and install project. 

Learn more and enroll at our Solarize Plano page on this website.  (Select “Solarize Plano” from the menu items along the top of this page.)

Solar Energy incentives are available from Oncor this year, so it is important to act before the incentives are used up. Also, the 30% federal investment tax credit is available.

Using PV solar to generate electricity at homes (and businesses) is not a research project anymore. Install PV solar at your home and join the already 50+ installations across Plano, 600+ across the DFW area, 4,000+ across Texas, and  200,000+ across the United States.  (Note: The US still has a way to go catch up with the more than 1,200,000 in Germany).

Generate your own local electricity, stabilize your long term electricity prices, and produce zero pollution and use no water in the process (unlike conventional power generation plants).  These benefits plus many more are available now!
Learn more at Solarize Plano!

Plano Solar Energy Advocate (LH)

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