Projects & Stats

Installed PV statistics
  • This file - Installed PV Stats - contains a snapshot of installed PV solar capacity around Plano, around Texas, and around the world.

2014-15 Projects Overview and Status
In support of our mission, we are working in the areas listed below.  We are forming ongoing working groups for some areas and others we address as specific project activities.  We generally try to provide a status update for each of these areas at our monthly volunteer meetings.  Please contact us through our contact form if you are interested in volunteering with any of the activities.

Go Solar at Home!
Objective: Connect Plano and North Texas homeowners and small businesses with local solar installers
Description: First, guide those interested to learn about and install rooftop solar PV through a brief online learning process; Second, connect them with three area solar installation companies from a growing list of companies pre-reviewed by Plano Solar Advocates volunteers to discuss the property owners goals and then provide complete installation estimates and/or quotes if it is determined that solar is a good option for the property.
Status: see Go Solar at Home

Solarize Plano Projects (Completed)
Objective: Accelerate adoption of rooftop solar installations in Plano
Description: Organize and facilitate group purchases of solar installations
Status: see summary and photos for the 2013 and 2014 projects at Solarbration!

Plano's Comprehensive Plan Update
Description: Plano Solar Advocates is actively participating in the City of Plano's Comprehensive Plan update process during 2013 and 2014. PSA is providing ideas and inputs to insure that Plano becomes a Solar “ready” and Solar “friendly” city.

Plano & STAR Communities
Description: Plano Solar Advocates has been invited to participate with the City of Plano in their efforts to use the Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating (STAR) Communities.
Status: see Plano & STAR Communities

Outreach Events
Description: Help organize and staff the Plano Solar Advocates booth for various local events in Plano and across the DFW area, e,g, Plano's Learn to Live Green Expo, Earth Day Texas, Collin County Farmer's Market, others
Buildings and Fire Code Working Group
Objective and description: Understand and minimize the impact to PV solar installations related to new building codes.

Net Metering Working Group
Objective and Description: Upgrade the Texas website to include features and filters to help consumers find Retail Electric Providers offering net metering type rate plans.

Real Estate valuation of Rooftop Solar Working Group
Objective and Description: For persons that have invested in PV solar installations on their homes (or those that are considering installations), identify and provide information to ensure that the added value to their property is understood and valued for any future sale.
Status: see Real Estate valuation of Rooftop Solar Working Group status

Solar for Schools
Description: Assisting local schools with Going Solar!
Status: see Solar for Schools

Solar Education for Local Schools
Description: Solar car demonstration classes for elementary schools and class teaching presentations for high schools.
Status: see Solar Education

General Outreach Ideas
Description: To capture and maintain a list of potential ideas for general rooftop solar education and outreach into the Plano community.

Information about prior activities given below:
  • Planning Survey review/action
    • This is a 2011 nationwide survey of cities and counties that covers challenges to solar energy development, local initiatives, permitting and interconnection, planning, and financing options. Plano Solar Advocates (PSA) is comparing Plano's responses to the overall survey summary responses to identify areas where we can provide ideas and actions for improvement.  The original survey summary can be find at here.
      1. The file - 2011 ICMA Solar Survey Summary Results Plano-PSA – contains the overall survey summary with Plano’s responses highlighted in yellow.
      2. The file – 2011 Planning Survey actions – is our working document to track proposed ideas and actions.
  • Haggard Estates
    • The Haggard Farm in Plano has long been an admired landmark for the residents of Plano. Now, as this area is being transformed into the last major new residential development in this maturing city, it could become a shining solar example for existing residential areas of the city.  Plano citizens are encouraged to write to the developer, Toll Brothers, to request that solar energy be included in these new homes.  Select this link to see example letters.

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