Thursday, July 21, 2016

What is “roofless” solar?

Our volunteer group advocates for clean local solar energy.  Being able to generate energy from rooftop solar, in the location where you consume the energy, is an ideal solution.  However, it might not always be possible. The concept of “community solar” or “roofless” solar is proving to be the next best thing. While the availability of community solar options has been expanding across many states, it is only now becoming available in Texas.  Below is the recent story from one of our volunteers in Plano.

Our Path to "Roofless" Solar
When solar tax credits first appeared, my husband and I had an installer evaluate our roof.  The prognosis: too many trees, too much shade.  We enjoy our trees and decided to settle for an electric provider offering green energy.  Fast forward to 2015. We lost a 40 year old silver maple in the backyard and began to reconsider solar.  It didn’t take long to realize the roof exposure that opened up was still not optimal for collecting rays.

A presentation at a Plano Solar Advocates meeting introduced us to the concept of community solar and that sounded like a perfect solution.  Community solar is also known as “roofless solar” and involves an offsite solar farm that services a community. Research showed many advantages: no rooftop limitations: orientation, multi-family housing, shading, or roof quality; clean, locally-sourced energy production that can support and strengthen the grid; motorized tracking devices that position the panels to catch the most rays boost energy production.

Cypress Solar Farm is a new solar farm located southwest of Fort Worth in Walnut Springs.  The energy produced through its acres of solar panels is delivered into the electric grid operated by Oncor.  MP2Energy works with Oncor to deliver that energy to our home through a five year contract at a cost-effective rate.  We want to support clean energy in North Texas and community solar is making that possible. For more information, check out:

Thanks to our volunteer DB Solar Advocate for sharing this story!

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