This page contains links to presentations given by Plano Solar Advocates.  We hope you find the information provided useful.  If you would like us to present at a group gathering or meeting to help increase awareness of solar energy, please complete the contact form at our "contact us" page and indicate that you would like us to do a group presentation.  If you would like to use some of the information in the presentations for your own communications about solar energy, we can provide a powerpoint version so that it will be easier to extract and edit.  Again, please complete the contact form to request a powerpoint version, and we will follow-up with you.



2018-July-7 Reinventing Power
  • In Dallas, at Goodwork, a screening of the new documentary "Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom" was held. The movie makes the vision of a clean energy future real by featuring stories from across the country, including the story of how community leaders brought affordable community solar to Austin, Texas. Reinventing Power Go Solar was presented after the moving screening.
2018-June-2 Kiwanis Club Area Meeting 
2018-May-25 Mid-Cities Pacesetters Rotary Club

2018-Feb-14 - Frisco Learn about Solar Energy
  • Divesting our energy usage can have a huge impact on decreasing our carbon footprint. Helping Frisco residents learn more about the solar potential in their own back yard. SHINE ON at the workshop organized by Frisco's Environmental Services Department.
2018-Feb-10 - Catching Some Rays - Solar Car!
  • Keep the wonder alive at the Plano Library's monthly Wonder Café series
2017-Nov-25 - Rooftop Solar in Texas
  • North Texas Mensa Regional Gathering 2017
2017-Oct-7 - DFW Solar Tour Residential Solar 101 presentation

2017-Jun 27 - Solar Power - Residential Solar 101 (Free event)
2017-April 13 - Rockwall Rotary Club
2016-Oct 22 - 2016-10 Affordable Solar for Your Home
  • Residential Solar 101 presentation provided for the DFW Solar Tour given at Plano's Environmental Education
2016-April 7 - The Untapped Natural Energy Resource in Texas – Solar Energy
  • Presentation to Plano Senior High School AP Environmental Science classes.
2016-March-31 - Solar Power - Residential Solar 101 (Free event)
  • Presentation for Plano's Sustainability Series at Davis Library.
2015-May-19 - Plano ISD - Let's Go Solar!
  • Presentation to Plano ISD's Council of PTAs Office and & Chair Training, Environmental Chairs work session.
2015-May-15 - The Abundant Natural Energy Resource in Texas – Solar Energy
  • Presentation at Plano's Academy High School in support of the student's "Tiny Home" project.
2015-May-11 - Going Solar!
  • This is our Lunch and Learn presentation given to local PepsiCo employees describing how you can capture the untapped and local natural energy resource from the sun with rooftop solar PV.
2015-April-25 - Rooftop Solar in Texas. Right Place, Right Time!
  • Plano Solar Advocates presentation - Earth Day Texas - Green Speaker Series
2015-April-15 - Solar Energy in North Texas - Your Electricity Choice!
  • This is our Lunch and Learn presentation given to Toyota employees. A youtube video of the presentation content with added audio is available for reference and follow-up. 
2015-Feb-10 - Going Solar!
  • This is our Lunch and Learn presentation given at the FritoLay Plano campus. 
2015-Feb-06 - Capturing Our Untapped, LOCAL Natural Energy Resource In Texas - Solar Energy!
2014-Oct-21 - Solarize - Accelerating Local Adoption of Rooftop Solar!
  • This is our presentation given at the Oct 2014 Solar Workshop Series organized by the Houston Renewable Energy Group. To learn more, see
2014-Sept-28 - Solarize - Accelerating Local Adoption of Rooftop Solar!
  • This is our presentation given at the 2014 Renewable Energy Roundup. To learn about the roundup, go to
2014-July-15 - Solarize - Accelerating Local Adoption
  • When it comes to ramping up distributed solar, it's not all about technology improvements and policy. Solarize bulk purchasing programs around the country are helping neighbors use their combined buying power to make going solar cheaper and faster. Plano Solar Advocates was invited to speak to the Solar Austin chapter of the Texas Solar Energy Society about our solarize program to help bring lessons learned to Austin about this type of initiative.
2014-Jan-11 - DFW Solarize Networking Event
  • The North Texas Renewable Energy Group monthly meeting - DFW Solarize Networking Event - review "group" solar purchase installation concepts and begin networking with interested persons across the metroplex so that they can start "solarize" projects in their own neighborhoods and communities.
2013-Dec-10 - Going Solar + Solarize Plano Project Overview
  • Dallas Sierra  Club monthly meeting (December 10th) - Solar Program for Homeowners program. Presentation includes brief background on the growth of PV solar, a residential solar 101, and an appendix with information about starting a "solarize" program in your neighborhood.
2013-Nov-13 - Solarize Plano Project Overview
  • 2013 Texas Renewables Conference, organized annually by the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA), San Antonio, Texas
2013-Nov-11 - Going Solar, an overview of PV solar and residential installation considerations
  • Chandler Heights Neighborhood Association, Garland, Texas
2013-Sep-28 - Group/Bulk Solar Installation Purchase, experiences from the Solarize Plano Project
  • Renewable Energy Roundup, Fredericksburg, Texas
2013-Sep 14 - Solarize Plano Project Overview
  • North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG - September monthly meeting
2013-July - Solarize Plano Project Enrollee Workshop
  • Material presented to Solarize Plano Project Enrollees during the information sessions held during the enrollment period. A Youtube version of the information session/workshop with audio is available by clicking here.

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